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10 Comfort Recipes to Make This Fall

Fall brings with it an intrinsic need to hibernate, and that means we need cozy food that compliments the aesthetics of a chilly, crisp day. Right? Maybe that's a little extreme, but for many of us, food truly does help to set the atmosphere. For some reason, we often gravitate toward warm baked goods, soothing soups, and more carb-related casseroles.

5 Budget-Friendly Fall Dates for You and Your Spouse

Let’s face it. In this economy? Many of us are scrambling to buy groceries, let alone pay for elaborate dates. Who has recently bought milk, bread, and eggs and come home wondering how you will pay for your electric bill? And now you want to take your significant other—or even a “new” other—on a date? No one wants to look cheap, but let’s be realistic too. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we have to be to make ends meet.Never fear! Some places and activities are classy, engaging, pleasant, and even top the most expensive restaurant experience.Let’s look at some ideas to make dating more budget-friendly this fall:
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6 Reasons Christians Should Celebrate Reformation Day

Usually, when October 31st is mentioned, most people think of Halloween, even many Christians, not realizing how this is a historic date in Church history and a day believers in Jesus Christ have much reason to celebrate. So what is Reformation Day? And why should we, as Christians, celebrate it, especially in America?Before the Reformation BeganMartin Luther, born November 10, 1483, in Eisleben, Germany, grew up to be the catalyst for the Reformation. His spiritual journey took off in 1505 during a thunderstorm while studying law at the University of Erfurt. Terrified by a bolt of lightning striking near him, in exchange for divine protection, he promised St. Anne that he would become a monk if she would spare his life. Although Luther’s miner father strongly disapproved, Luther diligently pursued becoming a monk, to the point of whipping himself raw as a way to appease the wrath of a holy God and to deserve heaven. He also regularly confessed his sins up to six hours a day. However, through studying the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit revealed to Luther that the just shall live by faith and that none of his self-afflictions would justify him before God but only comes through faith in Jesus Christ.Photo credit: ©GettyImages/JohnnyGreig

12 Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating for Your Kids

Although it’s fun for kids to dress up and gather a variety of free sweet treats, doing so these days can be filled with uncertainty and stress. The following are 12 alternative ideas to consider over making the trick-or-treating rounds.

8 Fun Fall Activities to Help You Connect with Your Teenager

Sometimes, it's the simplest activities that create the most impactful memories—and not just memories but opportunities to build relationships and trust with your teen. So, this Autumn? Be deliberate. Plan time to be with your kids. Cancel other activities that may not be as important, and set your teenager on the pedestal of priority.

The Ultimate Guide to Family Fun This Autumn

Are you breathing in the Autumn air and getting excited for all that comes with this cozy season? If you are looking for creative ways to create lasting memories with those you love, this guide is for you! It includes alternatives to celebrating Halloween, romantic date ideas, soup recipes, activities to do with your grandkids, and more! Have a festive fall with your family, and soak in all the beauty the Lord surrounds us in this season.
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6 Things to Embrace This Autumn

In order to seize the day, possibly grow spiritually, and get the most out of the new season we are in, here are six things to embrace this Autumn.

10 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare Yourself for Seasonal Depression

Each year, nature shows its beauty with the changing of the seasons. Tree leaves become grounded rainbows before they disappear, and the ground becomes blanketed with snow. The sun shines more and less, and everyone begins to adjust to the shift in the weather change. As seasons change, so can our moods, ultimately negatively affecting our daily lives. While each season may bring something to look forward to (holiday celebrations, vacations, birthdays, etc.), the shift and changes can be difficult for some to get through.Seasonal depression can develop during certain times of the year for people, and they may find their moods shifting unexpectedly. Fatigue, consuming more comfort food, or having less energy are some things people who encounter seasonal depression may experience. As we approach a shift in seasons, we must be mindful of our bodies and our state of mind and be mindful of our emotional well-being to prepare ourselves to combat seasonal depression. If you believe you struggle with this, take a look at the list below of some things you can do now to prepare yourself for seasonal depression.Photo credit: ©GettyImages/Paolo Cordoni

Creative Mother-Daughter Date Ideas for Fall

Hey there, are you a girl momma too? Well, welcome to the club! As a mom of three daughters, I am always on the hunt for fun ideas and special ways to spend time with each of my girls. Now that I have two teens, let’s just say that this momma has to get a little (or a lot) creative. And let me tell you - I am so thankful it is fall! Bring on the harvest festivals and many mother/daughter date ideas. Yahoo!Yep, I really do love fall! There is just something truly special about this time of year. It’s as if the whisper of the wind and the glow from this sweet season waft in with an open invitation to spend time with those we dearly love! As cute scarecrows and plump pumpkins make their debut once again, they carry a warm welcome that declares, “Come on in, get cozy, and soak it all in – the sights, the smells, and all the fall flavors.”So, maybe, like me, you are ready to relish this season and create some lasting memories with your precious daughter, but you need some ideas. Well, my sweet “girl momma” friend, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find merely a few ideas to get you started. Whether you have a sweet little miss or an adoring adult, there is something to meet every momma and daughter. But let me assure you, nothing is too crazy or costly, as this is more of a means to bond with your sweet girl, keeping it simple yet fun! At the same time, realize that taking some time (even briefly) for a festive fall mother/daughter date will cultivate your relationship and be so worth it!And now, without further ado, here we go, my friends; let’s step into fall together with our dear daughters and enjoy the moments and the glorious gifts this season has to offer!Photo credit: ©GettyImages/AzmanL

40 Romantic Fall Dates

The fall is here (well, almost), which means cuddling up and getting cozy with the ones you love! This is also your reminder to pack in some fun dates with your precious spouse and spark those flames of romance. Did you know it’s actually proven that dates with your significant other improve the life of your marriage?

6 Comfort Soup Recipes to Try This Fall

'Tis the season for all things warm, cozy, and comforting. Yippee! Just writing that excites me as I have already decked the halls – with pumpkins, trimmed the mantel and staircase with fall garland, and am currently sipping on my pumpkin spice latte. Yum-O!I know, I know, sounds heavenly, doesn't it? Well, guess what! As you welcome in all the "fall feels," I have got some yummy recipes that you are just going to have to try! Trust me, these will not only taste utterly delicious, but the smells alone will wake up your home (and everyone it in) with a sweet reminder that this time of year literally smells as good as it looks!Below are six simply delicious fall "comfort soup" recipes that will be sure to bring some smiles to your little darling's faces and, who knows…maybe even posture their hearts to feeling thankful for His daily bread. Oh, and speaking of bread, I am attaching a scrumptious and easy-to-bake bread recipe, too!Because what soup doesn't go well with fresh baked bread, am I right? Yay, bonus recipe!So, with that, let's get started!
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35 Fall Activities to Do with Your Grandkids

Fall is a great time of year to do things with your grandkids. The weather is cooler and more comfortable, and there are all kinds of special things to do this time of year. Watching the wonder on their faces is also fun as they hunt for the perfect pumpkin or eye that delicious caramel apple treat. If you have a date planned soon, here are some activities you can do outdoors, things to go see indoors, and activities to do when the rainy fall chill rolls in and your plans have to change.
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11 Romance Books to Read This Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air gets cool, the leaves change, and it's time to break out the sweatshirt jackets and cozy socks. It's also time for cozy meals and baked goods like pumpkin bars, apple cider donut muffins, and cinnamon streusel bread.One of my other favorite things to do this time of year is curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee, cocoa, or apple cider. My favorite genre to read is clean and wholesome romance, so here are some great romances to warm your nights. You will find family sagas, stories of friendship, and, yes, even a Christmas story or two. It's never too early to read holiday stories. I start in November and read Christmas stories throughout the Christmas season.
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15 Cozy Movies to Watch This Fall

Fall is the season to curl up with a great movie, and while there are a lot of new movies out there and all sorts of streaming services to choose from, it's also a great time of year to rewatch the classics. Because let's be honest, classics equal cozy. They just do.So what's a great list of classics to rewatch under a soft blanket, with a big bowl of popcorn, coffee or tea, and your significant other or best friend? We surveyed folks on Facebook, and they've curated a great list to choose from. We've tailored them down to movies PG-13 and below. As always, movies are curated carefully but won't always fit the standards of every home. With a little help from and their movie synopses, here are the top picks of those polled for the best cozy movies to watch this fall:Photo credit: ©GettyImages/mixetto


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