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Extra Cherry Syrup, Please
By Jim Mitchell

I recently surprised my wife at work with an unexpected gift—a cherry limeade with extra cherry syrup.

Not exactly a diamond necklace, I’ll admit. But if you’re related to a teacher, you already know a tasty treat on a random Thursday afternoon is priceless.

The look on her face when I walked in confirmed it was a win!

But wait … there’s more.

Instead of taking the easy win, with all 44 eyes on me, I decided to up the ante. I told her 22 kindergartners that we were married, and that we’ve even kissed before.


With 4th graders that joke slays. Maybe even 2nd graders. With kindergartners, not so much.

Instead of giggles, all I saw were faces looking like they just realized the earth isn’t flat. “Wait, what? You married … my teacher? I’m scared. I want my mommy!”

The look on my wife’s face confirmed the added joke was most definitely not a win.

So back to zero with her. But where I scored major points was with the office staff and the other teachers.

Let’s just say when a fresh cherry limeade hits the campus, word gets around. “She’s special.” “He really loves her.” “I wish I had one” (the limeade, not the husband, I presume).

And maybe that puts me into the win column again. Because she is special. (I’m already the clear winner there.) And I really do love her. I’m glad I have her. I want the word to get around … for their sake and for mine.

How about you?

Do your kids need a reminder that your spouse is No.1? Any neighbors need to see you sneaking a smooch at the mailbox?

Would an extended family member or friend be stirred by a sweet, unexpected glimpse of God’s design for flourishing love?

I know, I know. Some parts of marriage should be kept private. Agreed. But not everything.

A little extra cherry syrup never hurt anyone.

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The Good Stuff: Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth. [This part definitely for private.] Be intoxicated always in her love. (Proverbs 5:18-19)

Action Points: Even if you and your spouse are super reserved, and public displays of affection aren’t your jam, a romantic social media post just might hit the spot.

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