How to Have Lasting Impact through Your Talents

We live in a world surrounded by “over-the-top” talented and gifted people. Sometimes this reality can cause us to experience feelings of inadequacy, moments of insecurity and questions of what good enough really means and does what we have to give really matter.

The answer to all is a resounding Yes. God gave you the talents and gifts you possess with purpose in mind. Have you ever noticed the joy and satisfaction that well-up from deep within you when you use and share your God-given talents and gifts? When we use our talents and gifts for the good of others we become instruments of change and conduits of God’s grace to the world around us.

There are three main building-blocks on which you grow your influence through using and giving your talents and gifts: Faith, Fortitude, and Philanthropy. 

1. Faith believes God is who he says he is and will do what he says he will do. To go one step farther it also believes he did not make a mistake when he created you and gifted you with the abilities and talents you possess. He created us all for a specific purpose and gave us everything we need to fulfill his purpose. Through honing your talents and gifts and working hard to improve and use them in a way that brings honor to God your life will have impact on those around you. The key is to let your faith be so evident through the way you give of your talents and gifts that when others experience the beauty of what God has given you they only see him.

2. Fortitude is having strength of mind and courage to endure adversity or hardship along your journey. Fortitude is what keeps you focused on the call and purpose God has placed in and on your life even when the path he has called you to walk gets challenging. The Apostle Paul reminds us to surrender the things that slow us down, or cause us doubts so we can run with endurance (fortitude) the race (toward the purpose) God has set for us to run. We do this by keeping our eyes focused on God, and running after the call he has placed on our lives. Don’t give up even when it seems others around you may be more talented or gifted. God has placed you where you are with the talents and gifts you have for his greatest purposes. Often times we have the greatest opportunity to impact the lives of others by the fortitude and faith in which we choose to use in pushing through adversity and challenge.

3. Philanthropy is expressed through an active and generous effort to help others. It is the willingness to give to others out of what you are given. "To whom much is given much is required.” If you are financially blessed through the use of your talents and gifts, you have double opportunity to make a difference and leave an impact on this world both personally and financially. Too often individuals choose to grow their financial resources throughout their life instead of giving from their financial blessings while they are alive. As a Legacy and Life coach, I have seen philanthropy extended after death and though it makes a difference, the blessing of the talents and gifts of the person are no longer available to make an even greater influence.

Frederick Buechner says, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” As Thanksgiving approaches keep in mind the opportunity you have to change the world through your talents and gifts. By choosing faith, fortitude, and philanthropy as the building blocks upon which you establish your foundation to grow and share your talents, you will make a lasting impact in and on the lives of others and the world around you.

Guy Hatcher: The Legacy Guy® – is passionate about helping families plan their legacy. His book, Your Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money, is available at Follow him on twitter @guyhatcher or contact him at



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