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9 Reasons Why God Isn't Rescuing You

If you’re feeling hard-pressed today, I invite you to prayerfully consider these reasons and ask the Lord to show you which might apply to your situation.

5 Indicators of an Evil Heart

I think one of the reasons we don’t “see” evil is because we find it so difficult to believe that evil individuals actually exist.

10 Things Every Husband Should Be Doing for His Wife

So how can you keep your marriage strong in the better and build it back up in the worse? Love your wife more than yourself. Push your needs aside and instead of asking what she can do for you, ask, “What can I do for her?”

Are These 7 Sins Really That Deadly?

We hear them mentioned all the time, but we don't really know what to think of some of them. What are the 7 deadly sins and why are they more deadly than any other sin?

5 Ways We Should Remember 9/11

I will always be reminded that our military superiority, our system of government, our way of life – when these all come crashing down, God is still God and still on the throne.

12 Powerful Prayers from Paul

What would happen if we prayed like Paul? God got me asking this question. So, I searched every prayer Paul prayed (below) to find the essence of God's power held within his words.

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids Perseverance

We live in a quick-fix culture. Embracing tough goals and pursuing solutions to hard-to-fix problems is not something we are accustomed to doing. Our kids need to be witnesses to our efforts when life gets challenging.


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