12 Special Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father's Day

Around this June holiday, there is always a blitz of articles with gift suggestions for Dad. And while it’s great to give a tie or gadget or other fun presents, sometimes gifts of time, appreciation, and love can mean more than something boxed or wrapped.

9 Important Things I Learned from My Dad

While my dad never will be famous, his words — and more importantly, his actions — taught me a great deal. From partnering to problem-solving and more, here are nine important things I learned from my dad.

9 Bedtime Prayers to Help You Sleep Peacefully

Ending your day with prayer is a wonderful way to let go of stress and find peace before falling asleep. No matter what you faced today, talking to God through goodnight prayers will renew your faith.

10 Habitual Sins Women Especially Struggle With

Women and men were both made in God’s image and both struggle with making ungodly decisions. But since men and women were created differently, the same sins can show up in various shades. We are going to take a close look at ten of these sins—once we can see it, we can fight it.

5 Signs Your Church Might Be Heading toward Progressive Christianity

Back then I had never heard of "Progressive Christianity," and even now it is difficult to pin down what actually qualifies someone as a Progressive Christian, due to the diversity of beliefs that fall under that designation. However, there are signs—certain phrases and ideas—that seem to be consistent in Progressive circles. Here are 5 danger signs to watch for in your church:

10 Biblical Tips for Making the Best Use of Time

Over a hundred years ago, the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon reminded Christians, “Time is short. Eternity is long. It is only reasonable that this short life be lived in the light of eternity.” These words remain true as ever for Christ-followers alive today.

What Did Jesus Say about End Times?

Jesus has much to say to us about end times. It’s all right for us to shout something back to him! Why wait? Take a moment and get down on your knees and join the millions who one day will shout in unison, “Jesus Christ is Lord!"

10 Sure Signs You Need to Make Time for Yourself

Maybe you’re thinking you already take a lot of time for yourself, that you’re doing fine. However, in my experience, even the people taking time for themselves aren’t taking enough. Before you assume you’re in the clear, look out for these 10 sure signs you need to make more time for yourself.


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