12 Meaningful Ways to Pray with Your Grandchildren

I wish we’d prayed with our children more than we did. I admit it was hard to find the time—and the energy—but when we did, it was so worth the effort. Maybe you’ve experienced the joy of praying with your kids or grandkids, too. While we made plenty of mistakes, I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to pray (and not to pray) with children. I hope to keep these things in mind as I look forward to praying with my grandchildren someday.

10 Things God’s Voice Will Never Say to You

When I was a new Christian, hearing and knowing God’s voice were the two things I struggled the most with. We can grow to learn and discern God’s voice by studying the Holy Scriptures, praying, and asking God to teach us. To help us more correctly discern His voice, here are ten things God’s voice will never say to us.

10 Things You Should Know about Hell

I take no special delight in writing this article. But hell is real and people are going there. So let’s look closely at what the Bible has to say about it as well as the on-going debate over whether hell is eternal conscious punishment.

7 Biblical Ways to Prevent Conflict Before it Starts

Does the issue we disagree on have any eternal value? If yes, it might not be foolish to share our thoughts prayerfully. If it has no lasting value, save your energy for bigger things! Don't engage in stuff that is less than your calling.

How to Help Your Spouse Grieve

Helping your spouse grieve is a privilege because it’s an opportunity to love, support, comfort, and rely on the Lord in a very specific way.

10 Prayers to Help You Exchange Anxiety and Fear for Peace

We do not overcome the effects of ‘the news’ by denying or ignoring the evil in our world that causes such intense emotions, but rather by applying scriptural truth to circumstances and responding biblically.

What does the Bible say about fear and anxiety; and what might we pray to the Lord based on those Scriptures that can help us exchange toxic emotions for God’s wondrous peace?


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