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How Should Christians Handle Rejection?

Crowds saw the supernatural acts Jesus performed and still determined He was not the Messiah or the one they wanted. When Christians try to share their faith with others and are hit with rejection, Jesus models what to do next.

Is Sharing Fake News a Sin?

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light. So before you share a post, first verify the veracity. Not sure? Don’t post it. If you're sure it's true, then ask if it passes the Ephesians 4:29 test: Is it wholesome? Does it build others up? Does it benefit all who read it?

Gaslighting: Warning Signs and How to Escape It

If you want to know if you’ve been gaslit, start by asking yourself these questions in the context of a relationship you’re in or have been in (this can be a parent, sibling, romantic, work, or any relationship you feel tangled-up in):

5 Proofs That We Are Healing the Wounds of 9/11

Those who lost loved ones on 9/11 would give anything for just one more day with those they have lost. As we call on God for help, we realize that the grace of trauma is that it teaches us to love differently. Here are five proofs that God is working on our healing.

Overcome Hypocrisy with Practical 'Pruning'

Claiming forgiveness yet demonstrating hypocritical behavior is not bringing people into a relationship with God. Here are four ways each of us can allow God to overcome our hypocrisy.

Do I Have to Get My Life Together before I Become a Christian?

Christ said “I came to call sinners.” One reason for the assumption that “Christians have it all together” is Christians’ tendency to forget our need for this Good News for ourselves. We take the mission seriously, spreading the Gospel, forgetting that grace is meant for us, too.


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