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4 Biblical Ways to Be ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Today

If we are going to preach the gospel and make disciples, we have to take this phrase 'brother's keeper' seriously. If our brothers and sisters don’t see the love of God flowing through us, how on earth will they ever be attracted to our wonderful savior?

5 Vital Truths to Remember When You Are Suffering

Stopping the downward spiral of discouraging lies and replacing them with God’s eternal truths is the key to reversing the hopelessness and frustration you feel during suffering. It can be hard to remember these in the midst of struggle, but here are five few vital truths that can help you—no matter what your circumstances may look like.

5 Essential Reasons to Practice Sabbath

God has real reasons for instructing and modeling for us the practice of taking a Sabbath that we would be wise to pay attention to. He created us with real limits and a real need for Him. Here are six reasons Sabbath serves to remind us that God is our provider.

6 Ways to Help the Homeless Affected by COVID-19

The phrase “hardship on hardship” describes well the lives of many people experiencing homelessness right now. You may have no toilet paper, but they, often, have no toilets. During the COVID-19 crisis, they hear “We’re in this together!” but they are, too often, forgotten. Here's how you can help.

6 Reasons Why Trusting God Helps You Sleep Better

No matter what life brings, God commands rest. And by trusting Him to provide through trials, we are not only being obedient, we're staying healthy for the battle at hand by getting good sleep. Here are six ways trusting in God’s provision can help you sleep better. 


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