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8 Tips for Finding Peace in Your Children's School Decisions

Everyone wants the best for their kids, and let’s face it, there’s really no ideal ‘scenario’ here. In an ideal world everyone would be vaccinated before returning to work or school. However, since that reality is still a way off, parents are left weighing up the ‘least bad’ option instead—and there’s so many different factors to consider.

5 Reasons Worship Is a Way of Life

Worship encompasses our whole way of life. It’s the way we respond to those who can do nothing for us. It's the appreciation we give for the smallest gestures. It's honor, respect, and gratitude—for life, the world, our blessings, and each day.

10 Warnings against Making Religion Your God

The Bible warns against false religion and hypocritical religion. Today, we struggle with striving to make religion our “god” out of our own desire to be in control of how we please God and show others our self-righteousness.


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