How to Help Your Teen Avoid Student Loan Debt

Your teen might think a budget for all their monthly expenses is limiting, but it will actually help them feel more freedom in the long run. And budgeting will help them save up for college while they’re still in high school and don’t have to pay a bunch of bills to pay.

10 Practical Ways to Help Your Children Have Sexual Integrity

In this day and age, in the sex-craved society we live in, I would challenge you to add sexual integrity to your list of wants for your children. This, whether your children know the Lord or not, is far more important than good grades and financial success.

You Need to Know These 6 Overwhelming Things for Your Teen

Parents forget how much harder it is to actually be a teen in our present era of overloaded schedules and social media pitfalls. It’s more important than ever for parents to teach their teens how to manage stressful situations before those situations become overwhelming.

4 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture as a Teen

When we read a passage of Scripture, it’s easy to skim over the boring or difficult parts without paying much attention. But you can’t do that when you’re memorizing. When you memorize a passage of Scripture (a better approach, by the way, than memorizing isolated verses!), you must become intimately acquainted with every sentence and phrase.

How to Teach Your Teens to Put on the Full Armor of God

The full armor of God is made up of spiritual “reinforcements” we can use to stand our ground and resist temptations to sin. We can encourage our teens to “suit up” for battle against peer pressure by teaching them about the purpose behind each piece of God’s armor.


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