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Reality vs Fiction

Monday, February 26, 2024

We often point out that many modern liberals live in a fantasy world.  A world where EVs are universally practical and fossil fuels unnecessary.  I have, on several occasions, wondered if the advent of the online life is not the culprit.  Many, particularly the young, spend so much time in a “world” under their complete and utter control that they forget there are all sorts of problems out there that make even our wonderful dreams impossible.  Now they seem to be taking science fiction movies seriously?!

Baiting Christianity

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Those of Christian faith oppose many modern social trends, but Christianity is inimical to no one.  We bear no malice – in point of fact, our opposition is born of love.  After all, a mother that loves her child will not let that child stick its hand into an open flame.  But much like the toddler that throws a tantrum when you withdraw its hand from approaching the flame, Christianity is being met with increasing hostility.  Consider:

Everything Old Is New Again – Saturday Silliness

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Look, I get it, the need for “news stories” to fill the output pipe is immense, but honestly.  Thursday CNNStyle ran a story about “rethinking” the toilet.  This was done in the name of water conservation, but the results were lunatic.  The first solution they offer was from far remote, rural Finland and was little more than a sophisticated and well decorated outhouse.  Or sure, they give it a name – “Huussi” – and try really hard to tell you itis not an outhouse, but it’s an outhouse.  I can just picture urban “sophisticates” at a cocktail party somewhere carrying on about the environmental advantages of this approach, having never actually used one in the dead of winter in their lives.

Quick Hits

Thursday, February 22, 2024

The pile of stuff has gotten pretty deep, so here is a collection of articles with quick comments.

America’s Seeming Obsession With “Fairness”

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

So, the president (or at least the White House – we have no idea how decisions are made in this administration) has decided it is time for Israel to stop clearing Hamas out of Gaza.  Forty-five minutes into the show and the caller consensus seems to be that Biden has altered his position for the sake of his re-elect.  If that is indeed the case, and it certainly seems to be, it indicates that Biden’s base has bought into the Gaza/Hamas as victim narrative and that Israel’s far superior military capability makes this an “unfair” fight.  This obsession with “fairness” has grown and grown in our cultural ethos as our concepts of equality have morphed from equal opportunities to equal outcomes.  It reflects an attitude of entitlement, and we see in this latest manifestation that it has completely morphed morality.  Rather than acts being good and evil, the only evil is now if someone has some perceived advantage over the other.


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