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About Temple Christian School
Founded in 1973, Temple Christian School is dedicated to providing children in PK-4 – 12th grade education that is Christ-centered and fostered in academic excellence. The academic program, goals, and objectives of Temple Christian School are organized around the following mission statement: 

“Inspiring the passion to learn, the courage to lead, and the commitment to serve”

The lessons learned at TCS equip students with lifelong skills of thinking critically and discerning truth based on unchanging Biblical precepts.  Our alumni lead and serve as pastors, missionaries, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, business owners, homemakers, and in many other walks of life.

Temple Christian School exists to inspire our students with the passion to learn, the courage to lead, and the commitment to serve through Biblical worldview education, so they may change the world with the power of the Gospel. (more)

Total Vouchers Available: 2
Grade Level 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child /Addt'l Children
PreK $ 7,600 $ 6,460 $ 6,085
Elementary $ 8,610 $ 7,320 $ 6,890
Middle School $ 8,820 $ 7,500 $ 7,060
High School $ 9,670 $ 8,215 $ 7,730


Discounted 2022/2023 Tuition:

Grade Level 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child /Addt'l Children
PreK $ 5,320 $ 4,522 $ 4,260
Elementary $ 6,027 $ 5,124 $ 4,823
Middle School $ 6,174 $ 5,250 $ 4,942
High School $ 6,769 $ 5,751 $ 5,411

For more information and to purchase a voucher, please contact Easy Ezell at:  [email protected]


READ: Terms of Agreement

Each tuition voucher is valid for the tuition cost for attendance at the specified school for the 2022-2023 school year (Fall through Spring, not including Summer School). All other costs of attending the school, including but not limited to books and supplies, uniforms, and fees to participate in sports or events, are not covered by the voucher and are the responsibility of the student and his or her parent or guardian. Only one voucher per school may be purchased or used by a household or family. Vouchers are not available for purchase if your family has already applied to the school, or if the intended student or another child in the household attends the specified school.  Purchase of a voucher does not guarantee admittance for a student to the specified school, and the student must meet all school admission, attendance, and conduct requirements to enroll and attend throughout the school year. The voucher is not returnable or redeemable for cash, except if a school confirms to STATION that a prospective student with a voucher completed all application requirements, but was not admitted to the school, in which case upon request by the voucher purchaser STATION will refund the cost paid to STATION for the voucher.  The voucher purchaser should consult with his or her tax advisor concerning the tax treatment of payment of tuition using the voucher.