Fellowship of Christian Athletes Causes a 'Tsunamic Wave' of Disciples Making Disciples

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Causes a Tsunamic Wave of Disciples Making Disciples, Upwards of 100,000, Through 2019 Summer Camps

What is the One Thing Every Ministry Needs in Order to Grow? Disciple-Makers

Bryan Dwyer, a pastor and founder of the online discipleship library pursueGOD.org, was highlighted in a recent FCA magazine and also wrote a recent feature in The Christian Post about disciple-making through FCA.

“There’s one thing that growing ministries need to be healthy, and without it, the mission will be dead,” Dwyer wrote. “It trumps buildings, locations and staff, and it has nothing to do with how much money is in the bank. It’s the secret sauce of the early church, and it’s the key feature of faith communities that Jesus envisioned for every generation. What is the one thing every ministry needs to grow? Disciple-makers.

“But what is a disciple-maker?” he continued. “A disciple-maker is someone who looks outward to help people pursue God. A disciple-maker lives with purpose and answers the call Jesus issued through the Great Commission, a charge given 2,000 years ago to His original disciples. A disciple-maker realizes the greatest thing a person can do in life is pursue God, and the second-greatest thing a person can do is help someone else pursue God. This is what we’re all called to do! We are called to take Christ’s love into the places we go. And a ministry full of disciple-makers is what Jesus envisions for FCA.”


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