'Finding Freedom' Workshop

Are you feeling stuck in life, wondering why you can’t move forward? Are you hiding behind a mask, ignoring your pain, not wanting anyone to see the real you? Do you feel gripped by fear, guilt, shame, grief, or anger? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then come join us for the Finding Freedom workshop.

In just 48 hours you’ll learn how to overcome the emotional roadblocks of your past and begin your journey towards freedom!

At this workshop you will gain:

  • Tools to recover from past hurts and failures
  • Recognition of patterns that keep you stuck and how to move forward
  • Understanding of the value of connection in redemptive relationships
  • Insights into how God’s Word impacts all parts of our lives
  • Knowledge of the lies and traps that unknowingly direct our lives

Click here to register for this New Life Weekend, or call 800-639-5433.




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