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Notes From The Road - Goodbye, Summer

Folks, another Summer in the books! I hope you had the chance to take some time away with loved ones and recharge the battery. If this past season was a missed opportunity, that’s totally cool because the sooner you start planning for next summer the more-likely you are to save big bucks on everything from airfare to hotel rooms. Speaking of, let’s look a little sooner on the calendar. Have you booked your holiday travel plans? Airfare will increase as the dates draw closer. Gas prices will go up as they always do closer to the Thanksgiving Holiday. The same can be said for the Christmas holiday season, so book now or pay more later. Are you planning a New Year’s celebration? If so, get cracking! The kids are going back to school, which is a healthy reminder to take a look at their school calendar and plan your trips accordingly. Remember, an ounce of planning is worth a pound of cure. Thank you Benjamin Franklin. Have a fantastic week! 



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