Dr. Katherine Pang

Dr. Katherine Pang

On the Living Way, Dr. Katherine Pang brings a message of healing and hope through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. With a mixed format of teaching, stories, and answers to some of life’s pressing questions, listeners are given practical tools for growing forward and living victoriously in but not of this world. Tune in as Dr. Pang brings you into the conversation of change! 

The Living Way is a ministry of the Christian Life Institute, which equips believers to navigate life's challenges through an integrated, biblical model. Drawing from both Scripture and brain science, Christians experience spiritual wellbeing, emotional health, and a fearless resolve to surrender to Christ. Visit our website for free resources and to explore available programs. 

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Kate Pang loves to tell her story of God’s transformative power. Born into a secular Jewish household on the Upper West Side, she didn’t have a passing thought about Jesus. Her early pursuits focused on achievement and accumulation.

Educational achievements — two law degrees and extensive experience in law, business, and education — resulted in both professional and personal success. After an invitation from a friend to read the Bible, Kate relented. She read the old testament and saw evidence of God’s great love for His people, and her heart softened. Through a Gideon bible in a Houston hotel room, Kate came to understand that to know God, she needed to know Jesus. She said yes to Jesus at 30 years old.

God gave Kate an inextinguishable yearning for Him. In the early 1990s, God stripped away fleshly comforts to bring her life into alignment with Him, removing idols. He replaced them with a hunger to proclaim Christ while creating a relationship of surrender to and dependance on Him.

Achievements continued for Kate, for His glory, and include a PhD in Psychology, an MBA and a Th.M. and M.Div. from Talbot School of Theology. The Lord continues to open doors for her to teach, speak and lead, all cultivating a deeper relationship with Christ — one replete with trials, miracles, and faithful obedience.

The story is real. The message is clear. Kate helps others see how to practically and humbly live as a victorious overcomer in, but not of, the world. Now, as a Dallas resident, she serves as the founder of The Christian Life Institute and as a licensed Psychologist and clinical director at Lakewood Wellness,

Kate’s message of transformation is not only the message of her life, but for all of us who desire victorious life in Christ.



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