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Wretched Radio

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Wretched Radio


It is our desire to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as often as possible. Because it is our hope that unbelievers (including false converts) who view or listen to our programs will hear the message of amazing grace and be saved.


Like John Wesley, we trust that if we are on fire for God, “men will come to watch you burn.” By witnessing to actual unbelievers on air, we hope that Christians will be inspired to evangelize the lost and get equipped to defend the faith.


Wretched is a parachurch ministry that exist to strengthen and serve the local church. How? By persistently discussing the importance of the local church and pleading with believers to become MEMBERS of the best local church they can find.

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About Todd Friel

Todd Friel is the current host of both Wretched TV and Radio and the former host of Way of the Master Radio. He has authored five books, five evangelistic booklets, and is the producer of over two dozen Bible study courses. Todd has one wife, three adult children, and two grand-dogs.


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