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Destination Spotlight - Lafayette, LA

Lafayette, LA isn’t called the “The Happiest City in America” just because it sounds good. It earned that name by being a community filled with good people who greet visitors with warm smiles, delicious food, and authentic, inclusive Cajun culture. By simply walking the streets of Lafayette, you will see what I mean. 

Allow me to paint you a picture. You’ve exited your hotel on a warm Spring day, a cool Southern breeze tickles your heels as you start your jaunt through Downtown Lafayette. You pass restaurant after restaurant and are intoxicated by the aromas of traditional Cajun cuisine. Then you hear music. It’s familiar yet all together it's its own thing - you’re hearing Zydeco and before you know it, your feet are dancing. Whether you’ve brought a partner with you or are here alone, it won’t take long until you’re sharing a dance floor with someone else. It’s a party. It’s a celebration of life. This is Lafayette. 

Here there is always something special for everyone. For instance, for the next two weekends Lafayette will be celebrating Mardi Gras in its own inimitable fashion. However, if you can’t make it here by then you need not worry. Lafayette is the Mecca of good times. Just peek below and see the immense list of upcoming events - each and every one is its own once in a lifetime chance to cut loose, feel free, and do so in a place at feels like home sweet home. 

Upcoming Events


Lafayette, LA is classic, southern American culture at its finest. The kids will love the wide open spaces, the delicious food and the annual events. 

Peak Season

Peak season in Lafayette is March through May. Shoulder Season is Fall and Winter and Low Season is Summer. 


Depending on your activity level, I suggest an extended weekend on your first visit. 

Lodging Options

Lafayette is quaint. Here, you won’t find big hotels but you will find charming inns and B&B’s. It is my suggestion to stay downtown. You may enjoy The Blue Moon Guest House, the Saint John Inn or the Mason Mouton Bed and Breakfast.  

Dining Options

Lafayette has the Cajun flavors you crave, along with the freshest in Louisiana seafood, and always a little something unexpected. Homegrown chefs are putting an inventive spin on time-honored recipes with the freshest local ingredients. A distinct culinary identity as the heart of Cajun country, steeped in tradition, merges with a new generation making it an incredible place to eat. From white tablecloth to white paper napkin, all of it is incredible.

Can’t you smell the jambalaya already? I know I can. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get my dancing shoes on and head out to the Brass Room. There’s a lovely new friend there waiting for me with a smile, I just know it. Thanks for your consideration, now get out there and explore and, as always,  I’ll see you in line at security. 

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