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What Pastors Can Learn from Football Coaches

More pastors should emulate coaches in staying focused on the end result: winning the game. For ministers, that means glorifying Christ and making disciples. Here are 14 lessons from the field.

4 Sure Signs That a Church Doesn't Actually Believe the Bible

To hear “yes, we believe the Bible” is as meaningless as asking someone if they embezzled company funds or committed adultery. Anyone who would do such a thing has no trouble lying about it. The evidence, the proof, is in the individual’s life and conduct.

7 of the Most Amazing Things Jesus Ever Said

Jesus spoke a mind-boggling number of things never heard before on Earth. Many found His words provocative, offensive, and even blasphemous. In Matthew 11, you will find seven of his most amazing words ever.

Critical Encouragement Church Leaders Need Now

Pray. Go slow. Wait on the Lord. Gather information. Try something small. Let it grow. You are encouraging your pastors more than a dozen after-church fellowships and plaques for their walls could accomplish.

Taking Captive Our Dangerous Thoughts

Thoughts are not harmless. The thought is the preparation for the act. And seriously wrong deeds are almost always preceded by a full-scale onslaught of impure thinking, planning, and daydreaming.

15 Dangerous Lies Satan Tells You about Scripture

As Paul said, “We are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11). We know how he works. And here are some of the lies we have noticed pouring out of his factory, all geared toward destroying confidence in God’s Word.

A Closer Look at the Hypocrisy of Blame

Any believer who points the finger at another Christian and says, "You are the reason I no longer go to church" is being dishonest. Unwilling to deal with his/her own frailties, hangups, and humanity—they blame others for what they are not doing.


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